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Overcome The Disability Barrier


If you are looking for a job, you need to accept the fact that some employers are simply discriminatory against people with disabilities, whether mental or physical. This is unfortunate, but it's something that happens not just in the job market but in society at large. In order to succeed in the world of work, you've got to be prepared for this reaction and know how to turn it into a positive.

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    You will learn:
The external factors that contribute to discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
The two main types of disabilities that may be the root of employer discrimination
The different categories of employers and how to prepare for the likely reaction of each one
Common reasons why employers may discriminate on the basis of disability
How to creatively manage your disability in the job market
How and why to seek professional support from organizations that support individuals with disabilities

In your job market activities you will probably face more resistance than someone who has no disability to overcome . But remember-everyone has at least one or two employment barriers that he or she must overcome. The key to success is not letting it get you down, but rather, learning to turn your negative into a positive!

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