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Creatively Manage Your Lack of Qualification Challenges


Do you feel disadvantaged due to your lack of qualifications? Do you believe your lack of qualifications is an obstacle stopping you from realizing your ideal job? Fear not! This is an obstacle you can easily overcome, with the right techniques. Whether you realize it or not, it is a known fact that having the right qualification doesn't guarantee you a job! Whilst qualification is important (and this shouldn't be undermined), it is however more important to realize that there is more to getting a job than just having qualifications. This book will show you how to creatively overcome and manage this common employment barrier.

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    You will learn:
What the 2 key categories of qualification are and how to manage both effectively in positioning yourself as a qualified candidate for your desired job.
How the secret subtle weapon of job market competencies operate and how to use this to your advantage in targeting your ideal job.
Which qualification booster technique is appropriate for the your industry and job type, plus how to determine when a change of technique is pivotal.
How to creatively re-invent your competency level for each job you apply for.
What to do to turbo-charge your qualification details in your written and verbal communication.
When to face the facts and explore other options in side-stepping the ‘essential qualification' types of job requirements.

Your lack of qualification can be overcome with the right knowledge and technique. This book provides you with the mastery of skills needed to overcome the challenges you have faced to date due to your lack of qualification. So take time to learn and master the techniques provided and you will in no time be able to repackage yourself and creatively display your potentials in a manner that will cause employers to see you as qualified to do the job!

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