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Overcome Your Negative Attitude


Are you behaving in a way that may be preventing you from landing the job of your dreams- possibly without even knowing it? Many jobseekers are unaware that certain unfavorable mannerisms, emotions and/or behaviors can be perceived by the employer as a negative, thus becoming an employment barrier. But there is a way to break bad habits and adopt the right behavior that will win over any employer.

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    You will learn:
How to conduct a self-evaluation to determine what aspects of your behavioral attitude are appropriate, and which need some enhancement.
The importance of body language within the world of work.
How the speed at which you talk says a great deal about you.
Why adopting your industry's personality is so important.
How to think like the employer and visualize what type of behavior is appropriate for every situation.
Why mirroring the employer's personality is such a strong strategy, and how to do this.

By the end of this book, you'll understand on a deep level the impact your attitude can have on a job market activity situation- and how to adopt the best attitude for your desired job role and industry. And remember-don't beat yourself up if there are several areas that you feel need improvement in your case. Even the best jobseeker out there had to work hard to reach that level!

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