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Where are all the jobs?
Why am I not getting a job?
Why is it taking me so long to get a job?
What do I need to do to get a job?
Succeeding in the job market is all about knowing how to individualize your selling approach to suit different employers.
How many times have you:
Applied for jobs but did not get short-listed
  Looked for jobs but did not find appropriate ones
  Sent out loads of resumes but got no response
  Filled out application forms but got no interviews
  Called up companies but got nowhere
  Attended interviews but did not get offered the job
  Registered with agencies but never got called for jobs
  Mail shot companies but without a single reply
  Ask yourself: how much longer do you want to continue doing the above without getting the results you want?
  The Science of Getting a Job
  Here is a science to getting a job. It is a logical process, and like any process if you follow it consistently you are guaranteed to achieve the desired results. So decide right here and now not to be haphazard or to make assumptions in your job market approach and activities. Remember that succeeding in your job market activities is not a numbers game—it is a quality game.
  Let’s help you MAP YOUR SUCCESS route to achieving your job goal!
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