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Step 1- Job Market Essentials

Your level of insight and expertise in what you know (knowledge), do (activity) and how you do what you do (technique) within the job market determines your level of performance and the result you get.

Step 1 provides you with the advance and creative knowledge required to ensure your various activities and techniques are right on track to create the desired positive high-level impact in the job market. It provides the insight needed to understand why you may not be getting the results you deserve from all your hard work and what to do in order to become an advance job seeker performer within the job market.

This step shows you how to lay the foundation to ensure you start out on the right foot within the highly competitive and fast-paced job market. It also shows you how to identify and overcome invisible and visible personal and external barriers that may be creating a wall between you and your ideal job!

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QG001 How to Stay On Top in Your Chosen Field
QG002 How to Develop a Process for Success
QG003 Are You a Victim of Employment Barriers?
QG005 Overcome The Old Age Stigma
QG006 How to Get Out of the Dead End Job Rut
QG007 How to Overcome the Lack of Qualification Challenges
QG008 Overcome The Female Gender Discrimination
QG009 How to Overcome Ethnicity Discrimination
QG010 Overcome the Young Age Stigma
QG011 Overcome the Disability Barrier
QG012 Overcome the Work History Challenge
QG013 Overcome the Mom Returner Barrier
QG014 Overcome the ITEM (It, English & Math) Competence Barrier
QG015 Overcome the No Jobs Challenge
QG016 Overcome Lack of Work Reference Challenge
QG017 Overcome the Criminal Record Challenge
QG018 Overcome Your Negative Attitude
QG058 Time Management & Your Job Market Success
QG059 Self-Centeredness & Your Job Market Success
QG060 Presentation & Your Job Market Success
QG062 The Impact of Time & Chance on Your Job Market Success
QG063 Proactive Leaders & Reactive Followers
QG064 The Impact of False Expectation on Your Job Market Success
QG065 The Destructiveness of The Error of Blame
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