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The Job Market A-Z Process
Wowplum has simplified the science of landing your ideal job by putting together a set of 8 easy and practical step-by-step A-Z job market process. Each step covers a series of topics, either as a stand-alone or can be combined with other topics, depending on your unique job market requirements.

Map Your Success provides you with an effective process to help you diagnose your job goal success needs and enable you to access the right tools and resources that will guarantee an advance level of performance within the job market. Map your success for job market ultimate performance by going through the steps below and putting together an action plan based on unique areas of improvement identified.

The Process
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Step 1
Job Market Essentials
Step 2
Job Market Research
Step 3
Job Market Tools
Step 4
Job Market Channels
Step 5
Job Market Communicators
Step 6
Job Interview Strategy
Step 7
Job Progress Strategy
Step 8
Job Market Toolkits
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