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Step 6 - Job Interview Strategy
When you watch a movie, can you tell the difference between a good actor and a bad one? If so, you can certainly understand and appreciate how employers go about deciding who is suitable for the job - and who isn't! Interview is 'showtime' - a time to come fully prepared to give your best and most outstanding performance. Therefore the extent of your success is dependent on your interview knowledge mastery and skills expertize. The interview scenario is not primarily about your job skills competency but your performance competency as appropriate to a specific job role and company needs.

Step 6 helps you better understand and appreciate the hidden techniques used to win over potential employers plus what cause them to prefer one particular candidate above all else. This series provides you with the step-by-step knowledge you need prior to the interview as well as powerful interview techniques, such as "mirroring," only used by a small percentage of highly skilled job market performers within the job market.
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QG105 How to Talk Your Way Out of Any Sticky Interview Situation
QG106 How to Use Power Questions To Successfully Round Up Interviews
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