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Step 5 - Job Market Communicators
No matter how good and skilled you are without an above average communication and presentation skills your talent won't shine through the masses of job seekers. Average won't cut when it comes to 'selling yourself' in today's saturated and highly competitive job market. Statistically, the impact of how positively we influence people is calculated as follows: Body language 55%, verbal 40% and written 5%.

Step 5 tells you how to effectively influence your job market customers (employers, HR and agencies). It shows you how to become an employer favorite as well as how to gain the competitive advantage. In this step you will also go through the top 10 specific foundation skills all employers want in the candidate they ultimately give the job offer to. You'll learn how to build rapport, carry out successful networking, and get your foot in the door of your ideal company.
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QG076 How to Use Social & Personal Influencers For Rapid Job Promotion & Progression
QG077 The Hidden Secrets of How to Use Your Voice to Win Over the Employer
QG078 How to Use Body Language to Communicate With Impact
QG079 How to Dress to Impress
QG080 How to Make the Company’s Language Your Language!
QG082 How to Master the Winning Job Market Attitude
QG083 How to Be the Professional Employers Want
QG084 How to Identify and Address Employer Biases
QG085 How to Score Brownie Points With Prospective Employers
QG086 How to Display Beyond-the-Job Added Value
QG087 How to Put Yourself in a Solution-Oriented Mindset
QG088 How to Prove to the Employer You Have Excellent Customer Care Skills
QG089 How to Convey That You’re an Excellent Team Player
QG090 How to Impress Employers with Your Advanced Time Management Skills
QG091 How to Prove to Employers That You’re Proactive by Nature
QG092 How to Develop Interpersonal Skills for the Workplace
QG093 How to Develop Organizational Skills That Will Up Your Efficiency
QG095 How to Develop the Attributes of a Workplace Leader
QG096 How to Use Your Commitment to Continuous Improvement to Get the Job
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