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Get Results In 15 Minutes!
It takes just 15 minutes to learn quick and practical ways to become highly effective and achieve desired results in all your job market activities.
Do you have an interview coming up?
Are you facing employment barriers?
Do you want to access hidden job opportunities that are not advertised?
Are you having trouble getting through to the person who makes hiring decisions?
Do you feel you are not generating enough interviews?
Are you sending out lots of applications but getting no responses?
Do you keep getting rejection letters?
Are you registered with agencies but getting no phone calls?
The 15-Minute Makeover Suite is a comprehensive e-learning suite, covering any and all issues and challenges you may experience in the job market. Click here for available topics Click here for your FREE Trial 15-Minute Makeover!
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Practical and topic-specific
Bite-size answers that get straight to
the point
Life-lab worksheets to help you put
your newly acquired knowledge into practice
Instant “What To Do Now” job market action points
One-stop shop for all your job market
challenges and needs
Fast instant access and results when you need them
Powerful and proven strategies to provide you with the competi-tive edge to achieve any job goal!
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